Female Sexual Dysfunction


To resolve any problems, it is essential that we understand that female sexual dysfunction in a woman takes many forms and has numerous causes. In this case, It is important to address all the aspects of a woman’s sexuality; physical, psychological, physiological and interpersonal. If you think you maybe are too young to be experiencing sexual dysfunction, the truth is that this can occur at any stage in life.  


Unbelievably, female sexual dysfunction is more common than we may think. Most women do not seek help due because they may feel ashamed to open up. If you are experiencing difficulty when it comes to sex to the point that has affected your sex-life and your relationships, you have come to the right place.


If you are unsure if you have a real problem that can be fixed, it helps first to define what female sexual dysfunction is. It can be identified as persistent, recurrent problems in sexual response. Sexual responses range from desire, arousal, sensation to sexual orgasm. More often than not, there is it not just a physical problem. Circumstances outside the bedroom could also be an influence.





Medical conditions like kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and bladder problems among others can be a direct influence when it comes to sexual dysfunction. Some medications that are meant to help with other issues can be a cause such as antidepressants and hypertension medication.



Hormonal balance plays a significant role in a female’s sexual function and wellbeing. Different life stages and contraceptives can disturb this balance. Low estrogen levels lead to a decrease in blood flow to the pelvic region, can lead to vaginal dryness and decrease sexual desire.


Psychological and social

Conflict with your sexual partner, especially if they are about sex, can diminish your sexual responsiveness. Another common cause is the stresses and pressures of being a new mom couples with post-birth recovery and breastfeeding which affects your hormones.


If your symptoms match with the ones above, there are suitable treatments for you. There is no need to live with sexual dysfunction. Dr Zinn is a professional and has assisted many women to recover from female sexual dysfunction on different levels.

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