Laparoscopic prolapse repair


Uterine prolapse.

Uterine prolapse is the slipping down of the uterus or part thereof into the vaginal canal. A uterine prolapse involves a weakening of a group of ligaments the top of the vagina which causes the uterus to fall. A vaginal vault prolapse may occur following a hysterectomy. The top of the vagina may start to protrude outside the body. Simply put, the vagina will be turning inside out.

The Repair.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can have this corrected with limited invasion. A laparoscopy prolapse repair is a minimally invasive treatment using an internal video camera and a fine laparoscope.


The laparoscope instrument is inserted through 4 tiny incisions across the mid abdomen. The vagina and uterine organs are then suspended internally using a combination of a supportive mesh and stitches.


The time taken of the procedure will differ from patient to patient. Depending on the shape of the pelvis, weight of the patient, presence of scarring or inflammation, and a prior surgery in the area.


Signs and symptoms:

  • Tissue that is protruding out from your vagina.
  • The sensation of pulling inside the pelvic area.
  • Urine incontinence.
  • Bowel movement dysfunction.
  • The sensation of looseness in vaginal tissue tone.

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