Vulval and vaginal surgery


Cosmetic surgery in the genital area for women is becoming more common than ever before. More women seem to be concerned 3 how their private area looks. This may be as a result of natural aesthetic changes that occur due to childbirth, or malformation of the structures. The truth is that there is no perfect looking ‘vagina’. It is all relative. It is usually regarded to be a cosmetic procedure unless there are concerns that negatively affect your sexual experiences, such as pain during sex or loss of sensation and other inconveniences.

The female genital area, in our everyday language, is called ‘a vagina’ as a catch-all, but the vagina is only a part of the full make-up. As a woman, you have your labia minora, labia majora and your clitoris which can all be seen from outside of your body.

Labiaplasty & labia reduction

It is performed on the labia minora. Depending on the length, your labia minora can cause pain during sex if they get tucked into the vagina. This area is also susceptible to other abnormalities, like melanoma.

Urinary stress incontinence

Incontinence happens when there are physical movements like coughing or sneezing which places pressure on the bladder and causes you to urinate uncontrollably. Depending on the extent or severity of the incontinence, there are various treatment options available.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Life processes, like ageing, childbirth and regular hormonal changes, will have an impact on changes in the vaginal region. Rejuvenation includes medical treatments and procedures to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the area and improve the functionality thereof.

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